Review~ A Marvelous Little Sci-Fi Adventure With Hugh Jackman In The Lead; Real Steel

Real Steel, with Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Dakota Goyo; Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum).  I don’t think one can get enough science fiction, so this was an adequate dosage for the week.  Though there was nothing outstanding, as far as the script went, this was a nice story (with a kid) that went down the throat quite well.

The story takes place in a not too distant future, where robots are the highlight of fighting matches, instead of humans.  When I say “not to distant” I mean (perhaps) ten years away when the only changes you’ll see in life are the model of cars & the cut of your shirt.  No space ships.

Jackman is such a big screen talent (as well as Broadway) that it’s virtually impossible to make a bad bet on anything he does.  However; this movie came across as a little too “Disney-esque” for my taste, which wasn’t much of a bother.  I don’t know about you but when I’m watching Jackman I just keep asking myself, “Is he too good to be true?”  Truly an actor that is larger than life & there are always a few in every generation.

I don’t know if one could actually get away with rating the acting-talent-level in these kind of movies (i.e., with children or animals).  Unless it’s less than adequate.  These superb actors are all incapable of doing badly.

Lilly, known to me from the TV series Lost, is pretty & talented.  Every generation also has many actors that are visually well-known; but not stars.  I like her a lot.

What we all do not need any longer (in my estimable opinion), is children whining because they perceive that the world (or their parents) have done something wrong.  The fact that the story includes this vile & pathetic, cinematic device tells me that the film is aimed squarely at children.  You can imagine my chagrin when a child character started making faces & doing “what they do” because the world “is against them”.  However; I toughed it out.

Of course, in these type of movies, some hero is discovered or makes an appearance to save the day.  That’s what this film was about.  A robot named Atom.  A simpler, earlier model, compared to the giant & outlandish models in the film’s time line.  Something to anchor the hopes & dreams of a child.

The battling robots & cliches saved the day for me.  Great special effects.  Not overdone.  Just enough to convince us that battling robots in championship fights are real.

Simple movie, great cast (even the child).  Not an animal in sight.  Better than nothing for a weekend night or matinee.

I recommend the movie for viewing.  Would you miss something with Hugh Jackman?  I think not.

2 responses

  1. Quite correct, I won’t miss anything with him in. I even watched Australia twice just because he took off his shirt. Thanks for this, I’ll watch it.

    • Then you’ll like this film, because he takes his shirt off briefly. I think he works out every day & I think that he knows what some of his audience craves. He promotes himself, but not blatantly.