Review~ Michael Biehn Shows Us Why He Was Once A Big Star; The Divide

The Divide, with Lauren German, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Biehn (Puncture, Aliens), Courtney B. Vance, Ashton Holmes, Rosanna Arquette, Ivan Gonzalaz, Michael Eklund.  Xavier Gens, Director.  Post-apocalyptic dramas are sort of a standby now, as common (through the past decades) as the wheel.  I still like them, as long as they’re moderately entertaining in some way, shape or form.  They make me feel warm & satisfied for some reason.  I’m not sure why.

Our characters, after a manic beginning with nuclear missiles hitting a metropolis, find themselves in the nethermost part of an apartment building; the building manager’s (played by Biehn) digs in the basement – dark & gloomy, cluttered & dusty.  Processing what has happened & wondering what to do next.

Watch for multiple character polarities & don’t jump to conclusions with innocence & corruption.  There seems to be no angels, except for a child at the beginning.  That’s great!  A basement full of drama queens, confused & filthy, yelling at each other!

There are no substantial special effects & the movie relies on talent & the over-use thereof; to make the day.  At least, that is the obvious director’s plan of action.  It succeeds halfway to the mark & I was left feeling abused & tainted.  Tainted?  Yes; I felt as if the array of actors were left to their own devices (never a good idea) & there was nothing else to hold my interest.

Biehn was covered with dirt & scowling throughout this horrible movie & German was just too Germanic & fey, for my taste.

Ventimiglia (TV Series, American Dreams & Heroes) & Eklund were a nice “team”.  Bad boy friends before the bombs dropped & even worse “inside”, they scream & screw their way through the rest of the cast.  Demoralized animals with just a few drops of humanity left in them.  Seems like a nice byline but the writing & direction failed in this also & the actors’ talents were left flailing in the wind.

Needless the say; the movie, because of it’s science fiction sub-genre & because of it’s ineptness relies on the old cliche’ – survival of the fittest.

I don’t recommend this movie.  It’s just a failure & the casting of Biehn was an unfortunate waste of time.  The director failed to deliver.  One wonders if his films rely totally on the abilities of the actors & the writers, as I detected no deft direction & cleverness.


Further:  I think this movie also qualifies as a zombie film.  Arquette played one very nicely.

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  1. It’s not that they have to do so much to make these kind of movies better. A little CGI, some good direction. Oh well! Guess they can’t all be winners! Thanks for the comment.