Jeremy Renner, idiot

I don’t know whether anyone’s noticed but with all the superhero movies that are coming out & the attention that I’ve given them; I’ve been purposely silent on The Avengers that’s to be released shortly.  Even though that it is my duty to gossip (which is against my nature, wink wink) I haven’t had anything good to say about it.

Reasoning?  I am utterly repelled by Jeremy Renner, as referenced briefly here & here.  I have to say, The Hurt Locker was a ridiculous movie & Renner really doesn’t have anything special to add to anything, except as a mannikin in an already hyped up production.  Film stills show an out of place, scowling & ridiculous man, whose fellow “stars” are beautiful & handsome (sometimes at the same time), eclipsing his dowdiness.

Over-rated & lackluster Scarlett Johansson is totally the wrong personality type to play a superhero.

Let me put it this way.  If I were to meet Renner, I would remain in his presence only if he were to offer me a handful of cash.  But, I would have to put a bit of menthol under my nose.

I like superhero movies, I don’t like superheroes all clumped together having an adventure.  It’s the way I’ve been since I was a child, merely a couple of decades ago.  It’s a cheapening of a concept (the superhero).

My advice, unless you’re dead set on seeing this film, just wait for the next train.