Review~ Less Exciting Than Was Expected, Stunted Action Stifles Chris Evans; The Avengers

The Avengers, with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson & Josh Whedon, director.  It was not my intention to go & see this movie.  Frankly, I can’t stand Jeremy Renner (as I’ve spoken about endlessly), I get a little twitchy in large crowds & superheroes in a clump (having a quest because of some crisis that requires all the supernatural talent that’s available) isn’t my idea of a being a good idea.  However; it wasn’t too bad & it was speckled with instances of humor that made it bearable.  I couldn’t resist going against my own wishes.

I was more than pleased with the special effects, they were great, if not a little bit old hat (perhaps because the items in the film requiring CGI talents are indeed from graphic novels; therefore, seen before copied by others).

The actual structure of the story struck me as a little lame & I have no patience for a story that does not get going (as I also complain about rushing to the front of the action).  Also I’ll make the observation that, while graphic novel enthusiasts enjoy a good team effort (because they already follow several characters separately) it is a stretch to think the general public is going to get on the same bandwagon.  It’s one thing to cheer on & enjoy Captain America or the Hulk as they have their separate dramas.  It’s quite another thing to expect everyone to be on the same page with a group of dysfunctional, brooding & self-centered characters (trying to get over their moping about.

As always, Downey (Iron Man) is always a kick in the pants & I would say it was his talent that saved this film from complete redundancy.  Downey inflicts his sense of humor on everyone & I, for one, am very grateful.  Johansson is fantastic but she lacks any sort of comic talent.  Which is fine & is not required.  A wonderful & gorgeous actress.

I’m going to say that I’m a little disappointed that Chris Hemsworth (Thor) didn’t seem to hold any type of character authority, when set side by side with Downey’s Iron Man.  The age gap was awkwardly apparent.  He should have been more forceful & dynamic of nature in order to correctly play a peer among the heroes.  Whether this is an error, talent deficit or a problem with director Whedon, I’m not quite sure.  I suspect Hemsworth has some maturing to do.

Another item, that I have a problem with (the list goes on) is the actor that plays Loki of Asgard.  Tom Hiddleston has been on my watch list for a while & I’m extremely sad to say I’ve overestimated him.  I’ve not seen such a lackluster performance in the role of an antagonist, for quite some time.  I know that actors love to play villains, they revel in it, it allows for melodrama & extreme behavior.  If this performance is all he has, then he’s sunk.

As for Jeremy Renner, I think it best just to ignore him from now on.  He’s in over his head & he’s riding on lingering hype from The Hurt Locker & his “appearance” in the last Mission Impossible.

This may come as a surprise but I’m going to recommend this movie for viewing because it is visually exception (cinematography) & all the actors (except Renner) at least have a presence, are pleasing to look at & are great talents (except Renner), even though there wasn’t much for them to work with in this film.  Downey’s humor insertion & wise guy attitude has saved this film.  Enjoy…

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  1. I’m thrilled to bits that the movie is worth seeing & will definitely watch it. On the gossip front, I so agree with you about Renner and I can think of Italian phrase that would be most appropriate here but, out of respect, will desist from translating it. As usual, a super review.

    • Thank you & I’ve heard Italians have quite the evolved & colorful language for those they don’t like. I think, I’m going to just try to ignore Renner, except when he’s in something unavoidable.