John Travolta finally surfaces looking gaunt & the tempest in a teapot over Snow White dwarves continues

Must-be-humiliated John Travolta has made an appearance at the AFI awards to honor Shirley Maclaine, per tmz.  This being the first time since the shocking allegations of groping & lewd behavior began.  Evidently, two (the first two?) of the accusers (obviously looking for a big payday) have dropped their lawsuits, but they’ve retained new lawyers.

Perhaps it’s a new set of legal minds in order to facilitate some huge settlement in the wind, or (I’m thinking) the former counsels wised-up.  Some things can’t be proven beyond a doubt & he-said/he-said just doesn’t cut it.  There’s always a price to pay & people don’t usually do things for free.  Especially lawyers.

PageSix reminds us that this past week the National Enquirer (usually filled with UFO stories & “cloud formations that look demonic”) informed that Travolta had a six year relationship with his pilot, a certain Doug Gotterba, during the 1980’s.  Sheesh!  What’s with all this flimsy finger-pointing?  All Travolta has to do is bite the bullet & wade through a bit of humiliation to trounce his accusers.  Sexual allegations are notoriously hard to prove, unless there’s documented physical proof or witnesses who are beyond reproach.

Whatever the truth is, Travolta’s appearance got people whispering because he looks different.  More nonsense.  He’s obviously lost weight & hasn’t settled into his new size quite yet.

I don’t know whether anyone’s bothered to pay attention, though I don’t know how anyone could miss that the little people are very, very upset that none of their diminutive community was cast in Snow White & the Huntsman.  Though even the title should give us a hint that this wasn’t about dwarves, nor was it a feel-good Disney production with munchkins twitching about.

In my review of the film, I excluded even a mention of the dwarfish peeps as it just wasn’t that important to note, in a film chock full of notables.  C-Listers (Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone & Nick Frost) had been cast, for their names & statures.  The studios had made it clear that their casting decision was based on names, instead of body type.  With all this squeaking & scratching, one can only assume that the dwarf community subscribes to a culture of entitlement.  You know, the one that teaches that everyone needs to be included & that everyone is deserving of notice.  In an industry of cat & dog competition, isn’t it a bit odd that now some people (the dwarfish smalls) have the gall to think the roles in Snow White should have been given to them, at the expense of the film, at the expense of competition?  They are sadly mistaken, is the only phrase that comes to mind.

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  1. Dear Marc,
    I am feeling sad about this whole thing. I really thought John (we’re on a first name basis) was a good guy. And maybe he is…but..something is rotten in Denmark here.
    And the little people are ticked? Really?
    Since I’m not little, I guess I don’t know.
    Well, that’s not entirely true. My parents were very tall people ( My Mom played semi-pro basketball.) I have 3 sisters..who are also tall.
    And then came me. 5′ 6″1/2. Sometimes I stretch the truth (literally) and tell people 5’7″.
    So, I don’t know. Maybe if they made a film of my family, with me being the shorty I’d be p’oed too.
    Food for thought.

    • I think that it’s natural to be feel left out of a party (film) if you feel that your qualifications should have been utilized but Hollywood isn’t the kind of place to find fairness, with everyone there (aspiring actors) scrabbling for stardom. It’s one thing to be disgruntled & it’s another thing to start whining that the studios need to do as you say. It’s just not reality. I don’t like whiners (unless it’s myself, who I love).
      People that have been around the block countless times, jaded & corrupt, can make a pretty good guess what’s happening with tRavolta. He’s been rumored to be gay for decades, this current circumstance involves masseurs, who aren’t stupid in their physically intimate professions & the star has a ginormous amount of wealth (parks his jet outside his front door). Put it all together & it spells “money grab”. The problem is, Travolta has fended of these rumors before & also isn’t stupid. Any masseur is going to have dirty laundry up the gazoo & the only evidence here is circumstantial. There are no innocent parties so I’m not partial in my judgment. However; since no one likes a blackmailer & gold-digger this whole thing is a non-issue & what’s left are Travolta’s fans, who support him. I like him a little, but I don’t like masseurs (stepped up whores) or grabby gropers (your “John”). I’ve met more than my share of people like Travolta. Smart, but without an ounce of self-control. I’ve seen them get in trouble & have learned to turn away. :-( boo hoo!