Madonna lowers herself even more, Oliver Stoned advises Taylor Kitsch

Madonna proceeded to (once again) show more of her elderly, lady parts (I’m her age, so don’t be nagging at me).  This time in Rome during one of her numbers, as reported here.  She felt the need to pull down her costume trousers to reveal her derriere.  Why?  Because she’s a has-been, touring countries with populations that are willing to pay cash to see her tired self.

This is a problematic subject.  There’s nothing wrong with being a mature woman. On the contrary, there’s everything right about it.  However; it’s always, always a mistake to think that normal people are going to be attracted (physically) to a body that, no matter how well-maintained, has seen better days, decades earlier.  Perhaps she was influenced by her friend, the notorious skank, Britney Spears.  Who foolishly thought that flashing her nether regions would be a good idea.  It’s not.

Taylor Kitsch, lately of Battleship which didn’t do so hot at the box office, received encouragement & a pat on the back by Oliver Stone.

Kitsch’s movies this year, Battleship & John Carter, each of which I gave good reviews, didn’t achieve the success they were hoping.  They made money – but weren’t the expected blockbusters.  Stone essentially told Kitsch, by email, not to worry about it all & that he (Kitsch) would have a long career.

There you go.  Stone has never cared whether something was going to be a success or not, as long as he could spend massive bucks on his projects & be free to practice his “brilliant” artistic license.  Which is fine for him because he got his foot in the door with earlier successes.  If Kitsch makes a number of future, bad script choices he’ll just – not have a further career.  Anyone is well-advised to choose counsel with care.  I listen to everyone & take the advice of very few, which has served me well.  Kitsch is very young.  Maybe he should dump his agent.

Stone also reveals his penchant for weed.  Which is fine.  Personally, whether one partakes or not (in whatever), I would never seriously take advice from someone else that feels the need to broadcast his vices.  Has discretion simply evaporated over the years?

Go figure.

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