Hypocrite Russell Brand remonstrates Graham Norton, crybaby strippers whine about a thieving Channing Tatum

During a taping of the Graham Norton show (UK) Russell Brand’s divorce was brought up in the presence of his over-sensitive mother, which made her cry.  Instead of keeping his always-open & not-funny mouth shut, Brand proceeded to excoriate Norton over the matter.  Norton defended himself, saying he didn’t see himself (& I paraphrase) as the type of person that purposely makes mothers cry.

I find it appalling that an acid-tongued, busy body would blast others when they innocently bring up a public topic about a formerly public pair.  Someone that makes his living bothering everyone doesn’t want to be bothered?  So what, that his mother decided to reveal that she’s sensitive to Brand’s relationship failures, by crying when the topic was raised.  Katy Perry (Brand’s ex) had recently been on Norton’s show, it was natural to bring up the topic, they all live their lives in the spotlight (making a fortune) & Brand has the gall to complain that his mommy cried?  Excuse me while I go into the bathroom & scream into a towel.

Norton is an excellent, light-hearted talk show host.  Good at what he does & will surely brush this off as typical of someone without common sense or manners.

This is what happens when you give scum (with a gold watch) too much positive input, so you can make money out of him.  You get a 3rd rate Frankenstein’s monster that doesn’t know how to negotiate his way around awkward topics.  Trailer trash will be, what they will be.  This is the funniest thing I’ve seen coming out of Brand, in a long time.  Proving that he’s destined to be a reality TV star instead of a comic.

Channing Tatum finds himself the object of scorn by his former stripper-prostitute friends.  The muscle scum decided that he’d stolen a passel of their “moves” & some of their valuable stories, to populate his movie, Magic Mike.

Opportunists tend to collide when they’re all trying to make a buck out of the same thing.  Tatum (The Eagle) is clawing his way up the ladder, he’s young & is using whatever he can to make his mark.  While the strippers are currently in no position to educate the whipper-snapper further on the meanings of life, Tatum will have to learn, the hard way, that his non-life-experiences are not (technically) his to portray, without due credits.