I have sympathy for Cruise, but completely understand Holmes, breakups are devastating

Tom Cruise worked through last weekend, despite being in a state of stunned, thrown a curve ball by his wife Katie Holmes.  Apparently, he continued to work through last weekend in Iceland, on his movie Oblivion.  Ever the trooper, ever the professional.

At this point, a quick scan should tell us all that any information about their breakup cannot be trusted.  I think one can assume that Scientology & it’s weirdness is involved; with Holmes not necessarily cooperating in her husband’s obsession with it.  Obsession might be an understatement, as he is in the top tier of that organizations crazy-face hierarchy.

A religion is a religion, folks.  Aside from the here & now, incidents with any religion’s relationship with the world around it & those that interpret what they believe, can strike everyone into an unfamiliar note.  Any religion, objectively can be seen as irrational.  That said, Scientology is the strangest of the strange, this one being an outtake of science fiction writer Hubbard’s imagination.  But who am I to judge any religion’s validity?  They all contain some sort of Burning Bush, if you think about it.

We all (most of us) understand that it’s anathema to get involved in any divorce of people who are personally involved with us , in some way.  This could be why we are fascinated at celebrity breakups & there is no hesitation to give an opinion or take sides.  I am also guilty of this.  Unrepentant.

I have read that Holmes has been weening herself away from her husband’s faith, in the past year & a half.  There is a child involved & Holmes is awfully young (born 1978).  Cruise, in anyone’s view, is a micro-manager & impulsive in the nerdiest of ways.  This all adds up to trouble in the here & now.  Disaster in a divorce fight.


4 responses

  1. I wonder if Katie kept the spaceship as part of her divorce settlement? Lol

  2. Yep, this one was doomed. Apparently Holmes had pics of Cruise on her bedroom wall when she was a girl, so to begin with she must’ve thought all her dreams had come true!
    According to Scarlett Johannson she was offered an interview with top Scientologists for the role of Cruise’s girlfriend. She refused… very creepy. The next candidate was Katie Holmes.
    I love celeb relationships, they make the rest of us seem very sane and normal. I guess it takes the heat off Johnny Depp xx

    • I think Cruise has become as creepy as Scientology. I don’t admire (to say the least) people that micro-manage, as Cruise is known to do. I still like his movies.