Review~ Lackluster, Robotic & Plainly Disappointing, Jeremy Renner Is Just Awful; The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy, with Rachel Weisz, Jeremy Renner & Edward Norton.  Director, Tony Gilroy.  I literally had to force myself to go & see this, after promising in my last gossip about Renner that I would.  Even if it was fated to be a mistake.  My mistake to see it, the producers’ mistake to cast Renner.  All my complaints proved true; which I’m sad (yet happy) to say, was a validation of my instincts.  This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.  My byline only touches on what I can only say is an atrocity & one of the greediest of stupidities.

Here’s a tip, if you’re really looking for omens on what to (& not to) see.  Send your elderly parents (mine just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary) to see something.  If they like it – just don’t even bother getting in the car & heading out.  It would be more pleasant sticking your hand in a garbage disposal.  If they don’t like it, whatever it is they went to see, definitely has entertainment potential.  I’m not kidding.  My Dad loved it – thought it was exciting.  There’s nothing wrong with being in your late 70’s (of course!), especially if your senses are blunted enough that anything is great.  He didn’t like the last Terminator & from that point became one of my film quality indicators.

Homely Renner was a joke & the music score, film editing & general cinematography covered up all the obvious things.  Leaving an empty, formulaic mess.  Something that should have qualified only as a direct to dvd release.  He’s not heroic, he doesn’t project the confidence of a super hitman/government operative/secret agent.  He merely imitates his betters & is little more than a monkey or parrot.  Even in the first ten minutes this is all clear & I was barely able to keep from bursting out in laughter.  His effect was that of a parody of Matt Damon in a legitimate Bourne adventure.

The story is all there is to this film.  If the film had starred someone of worth it might have been a credible blockbuster, instead of a complete let down.

Edward Norton & Rachel Weisz were contained by the editor, obviously.  Their real talents, in the bin (cutting room floor, trash).  They did their jobs well, at least.

Why was this film made?  Greed, probably.  It was time for a new Bourne segment & I would suppose they couldn’t afford Damon, or he wasn’t available, or is sick of it.  I have no idea.  Frankly, the film was almost a rip-off of Mission Impossible, instead of Bourne franchise element.

“Tough guy” Renner makes his first appearance, jumping from mountain top to mountain top, checking his armaments – as if he can act like he knows what he’s doing.  It’s downhill from there.

Don’t take your date to see it on a weekend because there is no spark between Renner & Weisz.  There’s just no substantial electricity at all.  It’s battery operated, like a Saturday morning cartoon.  Hey!  I would bet this film could be suitable for young children.  Wait a year, buy it cheap & keep it in a drawer.  You never know when you’ll need something to mesmerize some hyperactive child, while you get on with your evening.  There’s just enough gunshots & a bit of violence to keep the kiddies quiet, in awe of adult entertainment!

Sorry.  It’s not enjoyable.  There’s just nothing too it, except noise.

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  1. The trailer for the new film looks really good and I will see it but make no mistake about it, Jeremy Renner is not going to make me forget about Matt Damon. No way, now how.

    • I’ve not seen any explanations about pre-filming machinations for this thing. They mentioned Matt Damon’s character, showed a pic of his character (as if something was happening in the background with him); but no Damon. Towards the end there was a cameo appearance by Joan Allen, who’d played the government bigwig, in earlier films, that had him hunted – then helped him out. All of which to indicate this film was just a pathetic sideshow.