Review~ Humble Keanu Plays A Space Cadet; Generation Um

Generation Um, with Keanu Reeves, Adelaide Clemens & Bojana Novakovic.  Director, Mark Mann.  Always one of my favorite actors, this one has a great time playing his introspective persona.  One must always attempt to see the film from Reeves’ perspective in order to be able to stand him.  It’s worth the effort, in my book.  I love the under-rated (but successful) actor’s efforts.  If there’s one thing Reeves is good at, it’s playing his navel gazing self; in different situations.

The film’s subject matter, a day in the life of people that overdo recreational drugs, is a bit tedious; but if you do something else while watching it – it’s not so bad.

Reeves hasn’t had a hit for a while, one would assume he’s been in contemplation somewhere fantastic.  This certainly wasn’t a return, but more or less a stretching of his current abilities.  In the company of two dissolute female girlies, played in all their self-centered glories by a clever (pouting) Clemens & a whorish Novakovic.  Be prepared for the seedy side of life with this one.  I suggest sprucing up your apps on your phone’s homepage.  I was thinking of music first then thought I’d go out & get some big sound in my ears while playing around with my new phone.  Get the picture?

Though there is little to recommend this exaggerated, video diary.  There are moments of nudity, so off putting in their un-sexiness & common-ness that it’s convincing.  Quite a bit of meaning was crammed into the smallest of things that one suspects that a company specializing in 30 second advertisements had something to do with it.  But again, it’s well done for what it is.  Even if it’s, personally, a validation of those of us (me, me, me) that prefer to be boring.

Also; found as another reason not to visit or live in New York City, the cinematography accurately portrays the city’s cess pit side of life.  Alongside people that are living lives where they go to eat & return home to clean the bathroom or have a dinner party.  The realism of NYC is always helpful for films that have little else to offer or, in this case, are too nuanced to have any meaning – but confusion. Not that this is a bad idea.  There are decades of these kinds of films that I began to see appear in the middle 1970’s.  Action or libations, the nuance is the same.  Calm & pointless, is what it’s about.  Is it a genre?

All in all, I recommend the film only for single men & Reeves’ (he does look great) fans.

Perhaps I’m being too cruel.  Just don’t see it before going to church.  Enjoy!

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  1. I love Keanu Reeves so I’ll watch it but with my laptop where it belongs (on my lap).
    I had to chuckle at your description of the ‘navel gazing’ Reeves but I do need to point out something from a woman’s perspective … Reeves is downright gorgeous & a reasonable actor so I’ll happily watch the movie just to watch him