Channing Tatum opens a new restaurant in New Orleans

Channing Tatum is opening a restaurant in New Orleans called Saints & Sinners, according to a report.  Their Facebook page blurbs that the food is to be “sumptuous” & that a “sinfully good time” can be had at the establishment. One assumes this to be an upscale affair, New Orleans style, which would still mean an informal yet elite setting.

Being an product of inland breeding, I have a beef with food that looks back at you with fish heads, as well as retaining what tails & spider legs graced the critter when it was walking or swimming around, happy as life.  But that’s just me.  One can always request that the offending symbols of barbarism be removed & I’m not so stuffy that I won’t grab a shrimp’s tail, to stick the rest of it in my mouth.

Though I’ve not been to New Orleans I’m sure this new venture of Tatum’s will be quite something to see & patronize.  It’s always interesting when an actor uses some of their fortune to invest in businesses.  Common sense, really.

The new establishment, to open sometime in October, is already located at 627 Bourbon Street.  Yes, the infamous party street, catering to tourists & residents alike.  Perhaps a trip is in the offing for me!  Whatever the case, it’s nice to be able to focus on a (the) top, cinema-related news item (of the moment), that happens to be positive.

Channing Tatum has sure been getting around this year!  I guess it’s his day in the sun.

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  1. I find your seafood descriptions hilarious! You’ve had Mark and I laughing & giggling and inventing new ways to terrify you with seafood when you visit us here in the Cape. This is the home of crayfish & snoek!! Love these snippets! Love this site ..