Formerly shamed by a President, Monica Lewinsky has something to say & has written a book

 Monica Lewinsky, who played herself, being interviewed in a Swedish TV program called High Chaparall, is set to reveal a stunning tell-all in her memoirs, according to the NYPost.

Reportedly, Lewinsky is unable to make a substantial living after the notorious philanderer & liar, former US president Bill Clinton threw her under the bus.  Monica is said to be readying her scathing & livid arrows of revenge for the tune of (at least) Twelve Million Dollars.  Depending on which publisher wants to pay the most for the memoir, which is too include the content of her love letters.

Of course, we are to be assaulted by more of Clinton’s sexual behavior & I would assume this book is definitely not for children (minors would most likely suffer brain lacerations for life).

Can you imagine more details of his seedy improprieties coming to light?  One must remember to only listen to or read about it all, long after our evening dinners.  Letting the food settle before reading about the horror of it all.  The timing is not only for any potential readers to take note; but all this comes at a crucial time.  Bill Clinton has publicly put his distaste for the current president aside & is endorsing the incumbent in the up-coming US Presidential Elections.  We can only guess at what kind of personal delusion he holds, where his past occupation as a libertine is forgotten in this nation.

Personally, I feel bad for the former White House intern.  I don’t blame her for the long past, national humiliation alongside a sitting president (who, it is remembered, was also impeached).  I agree with what her friends reportedly say, that she needs to earn a living in some way.  A woman of accomplishment, nearing 40, should receive some compensation after so much scorn & hatred.

Yet Bill Clinton still acts like he’s an elder statesman, of good repute, endorsing someone he despises (Barack Obama).  Will the lies never stop coming from that quarter?

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