Review~ D’Souza pegs Obama agenda as US power-reduction, revenge & anti-colonialism; 2016: Obama’s America

2016: Obama’s America, with Dinesh D’Souza.  In honor of the current US presidential electionspectacle, do I speak about this documentary.  I have to say, not a big documentary fan – except for cable/satellite TV science shows & soft core info-tainments.  I’d rather consume information like this via the printed word, but the trailers for this piece intrigued me & I wanted to hear what another contemporary thought of the US “president”.

Also, I wanted to check out the cinematography aimed at various slums throughout the world.  My wish did come true & I wasn’t disappointed, in any respect.

spoilers aplenty~

The premise to this exploration is, that the current US president was never vetted & that his family & associations were never examined, prior to his election in 2008 – details of the man ignored in the rush by those that “helped” Obama, to place him in the White House.

D’Souza’s style, in this piece, is a marvelous blending of the cameraman’s craft, at least two of them (whoever they are) as is evident by simple math.  The journey through uncontested, brutish truths gives an argument, by simple deduction, that the president, as a child; was psychologically mauled by his bigamist father’s absence.  The reactionary, socialist world that his parents orbited shown from its tawdry side of liquor & melodrama.

In the run up to seeing this, my presumption that the film would be the product of a rabid enemy (perhaps) or political volley, aimed at an unpopular & divisive US president.  What I found was an engaging journey with a rhythm that brings the viewer along a path of exactly who these people were & are.  D’Souza’s revelations are more than credible, being in the public record & his insight that we are products of our familial relationships & social relations is very convincing.

Frankly, I found this profile frightening – & logical.  Even if a fraction, of the reality of an extended Obama family as portrayed has influenced the man in the US executive mansion; one must take a moment to question why these facts, figures & links were never explored substantially by America’s main stream media.  Even though the media goliaths are super-Liberals, “Progressives” & Democrat Party attack dogs – why didn’t they question their own Frankenstein?  Did they even inquire?  Perhaps someday this (very) general question will see an answer.

All I can say is “bravo”, in D’Souza’s direction.  Definitely one of the best political attack pieces I’ve ever read.  The best – because it’s based on truths & not on the target’s rhetoric & changing intentions.

I did have a problem with being exposed to so many slum scenes.  Okay, okay; I’m a spoiled denizen of the American West & don’t care for wallowing (visually) in the putrid mess that can sometimes be humanity.  I admit it.  I’ve seen shanty towns & tarps.  I don’t need to see so much.  It was a bit excessive.  Assume it’s poetic, artistic or directorial license.  It’s still overboard.

A warning to my European friends (who aren’t idealistic globalists).  The film does indeed delve in the Obama family background of anti-colonialism bitterness.  Also detailed, Obama’s suspected ill-view of Britain’s occupation of Kenya & general imperial basics.  I’m a believer now. It’s always a hard thing to be confronted by an assumed friend’s vindictive agenda.  If you see this film, you might walk away despising someone you thought of as a friend.  The truth can be a deal-breaker, at times.

I recommend this documentary film.  It’s entertaining & informative, to say the least.  It’s theory, laced with actual, existing reality.  The movie’s plug line that, you may love or hate Obama, but you don’t know him – reeled me in at the get go.  I will privately follow D’Souza in the future, as I continue with any forthcoming takes on action adventures, womanly dramas (filled with sentiment) & alien eggs.

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  1. Obama is someone the Democratic Party establishment knew they could easily control. He is merely the current marketing symbol for the Liberal brand. According to Bob Woodward’s new book on the budget-financial crisis of 2011, the Democrats didn’t even want Obama’s input – That’s how little his own party respects him. D’Souza is a highly courageous man to do this film. I haven’t seen it yet; but I will.

  2. I enjoyed the review. Like the reviewer, I also recoiled from the many scenes of slums just as I did from those in Slum Dog Millionaire. I didn’t however think there were too many of them to underscore what I think is D’Souza’s point: This is America’s future should Obama succeed in his agenda of replacing America’s constitution and free market system with one that redistributes her wealth to former colonialist countries. Words would not convey this point nearly as well as these horrifying images.