Review~ Bike Messengers Rock, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Michael Shannon – More Than Exciting; Premium Rush

Premium Rush, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon & Dania Ramirez.  Director, David Koepp.  I’m thinking that I must have seen a movie once, quite a while ago, which was set in the world of the bike messenger.  It mustn’t have been very impressive or maybe it was too athletic for my tastes.  Regardless, I didn’t venture into this film as excited as say, an adventurous teenager might have done.  However; there wasn’t one moment that I regretted this choice.  Not one.

Sitting in my office cubicle, in Seattle, I must have met hundreds of these folk.  Bike messengers.  Always liked them, always trusted them.  Don’t ask me why, but I would guess it’s because they’re dedicated to what they do for a living & in their private lives.  Gordon-Levitt is a bike messenger incarnate, as far as I’m concerned.

Gordon-Levitt’s performance as a devil-may-care, hot shot was more than adequate.  He’s an engaging actor, that’s clawed his way up the ladder with his friendly (not gorgeous) looks & humorous/kind demeanor.  Whether or not people are actually the face that they turn to the world is another matter.  An actor, acts.  An audience watches & individuals like to see diverse examples of humanity.  Gordon-Levitt fills a niche, I suppose.  Perhaps he’s not necessarily the best at emotional portrayals, there are others that fill that niche; but he certainly can seriously inhabit a story.  When I think of Gordon-Levitt, I think of a smiley face.  He’s an Aquarian, which accounts for the openness of character & clarity of soul.

New York City is the setting for this street-wise tale of bike messengers & the film does clue in insight to how they get from point A to point B.  Personally, I never realized the risks they take on the road.  I haven’t ridden a bicycle since the late 70s.  I admit it.  In a city, I’m publicly transported & in the suburbs I drive an car.  The film really does put it all together, not only what kind of universe bike messengers inhabit & the absolute disregard for exactly what kind of bike they use.  It’s not the bike, it’s the cyclist.  Again, I’m supposing.  Any objections?  I’m open to information on anything from an ant to a god.  Like a sponge.

The movie is a thriller, as far as I’m concerned.  So I’m not going to spill the beans, because it’s an excellent film, a simple plot & such aesthetic simplicity is easily spoiled.  It just doesn’t deserve to be destroyed.

Michael Shannon is a big favorite of mine.  He’s got a large head.  Like Mitt Romney has, if anyone noticed.  I did.  Shannon is a supporting character in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.  A definite must see TV, if you have a strong stomach.  I first saw him in Bug (2007).  Even then I noticed his large noggin.  He’s an imposing man at 6′ 3″.  Quite tall indeed.  He’s also one of the best actors around.  Really top drawer, when it comes to portraying a wide variety of characters.  If you ask me, he plays “crazy”, best of all.  I would suggest anything that he’s got a substantial role in, is something to see.

You’ll indeed enjoy Ramirez.  Her role, also as a bike messenger, compliments Gordon-Levitt’s.  A pretty face & good actress, originally from the Dominican Republic.  One might remember her from the TV series Heroes or as Callisto in one of the X-Men movies.  Very pretty indeed.

I do recommend this film for viewing & for those of you sitting in office cubes during the week, if a bike messenger drops off a package please smile & say thanks.  Not that they expect it.  It’s just deserved.  People trust them with valuables & documents.  You can certainly trust to shake their hand, if you get the chance.

Take a look see!