Review~ Completely Fascinating Story, Bradley Cooper Is An Author Who Steals Another’s Words; The Words

The Words, with Dennis Quaid, Jeremy Irons, Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana.  Directors, Brian Klugman & Lee Sternthal.  I admit to being drawn to action, adventure, horror & science fiction; because they’re best promoted & in your face.  Therefore; first on my watch list.  I do keep an eye out for normal dramas & anything with Cooper is okay with me.  I wasn’t too surprised, with such a cast, that this was more than worth the trouble of seeing.  A nuanced story with an undercurrent of misdeed.

As a performer, Quaid is among the top drawer actors who we idolize for their talent.  As something to look at; he’s had his day in the sun as his weathered, leathery skin testifies – but his tendency to take an otherwise bland character & turn it into a focus is definitely beyond peer.  He plays the central, anchor character, an author selectively reading for a literary event, his words & story applauded by one & all.  His story is the second dimension to this film, which you’ll discover for yourself.

Most of us are too blinded by film celebrity to remember that there are other circles of fame & fortune in the world.  Namely the literary scene, which is still alive & kicking.  Also, some of us actually read.  It was a pleasure to see this as the backdrop of the movie & it’s certainly a pleasure to review this film, as someone who values the written word.  I dare say, that most of the great unwashed have no idea where the ideas to the films that they enjoy, originate.  They actually think they’ve bypassed the moment when someone tells them they should pick up a book.  They’re mistaken.

Zoe Saldana is electrifying with emotion & Jeremy Irons is still a god of the silver screen.  A position he’s earned & deserves.

I greatly recommend this film, it has an important moral about plagiarism.  A crime rampant throughout the world.  The consequences are ever around the corner.


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