Review~ Abattoir Extraordinaire, Loved The Butchery, Josh Stewart Is Superb; The Collection

The Collection, with Josh Stewart, Christopher McDonald, Emma Fitzpatrick & Randall Archer.  Director, Marcus Dunstan.  I do love a good blood-fest.  I’d seen the trailer previously, but we all know trailers are not necessarily representative of a film.  It’s always a gamble, isn’t it.  However; I only bet on a sure thing & my instincts told me McDonald wouldn’t make a mistake at this point in his career & Stewart is talented enough also to trust.

I’ve seen Stewart in the long-cancelled The Third Watch & he’s recently been in The Walking Dead, my favorite guilty pleasure.  His role as a previous survivor, going back to help rescue scream princess Fitzpatrick is more than adequate, but I wasn’t quite convinced he’d experienced the horrors earlier.  Seemed to be the only glaring flaw, but it wasn’t so much of a big deal that I credit him for a bungling, or even see a slight distraction to an otherwise wonderful slaughter.

McDonald plays a crippled father of Fitzpatrick’s abducted character, who sends in a team to rescue the girl, before she becomes one of many victims of the psychopath, played by a Archer.

The movie kicks along like a stopwatch & the suspense & cleverly done eviscerations make for a very nice time.  Any obligatory murdering of teenagers done nicely in the beginning, serving the purpose of a tasty beginning to dinner.

Fitzpatrick does a nice female victim & keeps the wailing down, on her end anyway.  These main female targets usually mirror the horror that you’re supposed to feel, if the special effects & blood level is sufficient.  I think she’s great.  She’s sort of a pixie-perfect thing that makes me want to cover her in filth, just to bring her down a notch.  But alas, ’tis not to be.  Her coiffure seems to only move in ways that are attractive.  There are actually people like her, I’ve seen them, I’ve identified them & they should be imprisoned for life, if not executed.

This is one of the best horror films I’ve seen this year & I recommend it heartily.