Review~ Huge Amounts Of Nothing, Steve Carell Looks Great, Acts Badly; Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, with Steve Carell & Keira Knightley.  Director, Lorene Scafaria.  One of the best dead-pan actors, is usually one of my favorites, but this pointless atrocity fell flat on its face.  I would have thought that there would have been at least a couple of laughs in this film, but no.  It was not to be.

A tried & true formula, impending destruction of our planet, is usually a winner with all types of films.  Comedy, drama; you name it.  However; the standard fails when there’s nothing behind it to entertain.  Without meaning or direction, the characters in this movie are informed previous to the beginning of the film that destruction is a possibility & the film starts with the confirmation thereof.  Not a bad beginning; however, it went nowhere.  Quickly.

Carell is at his best, playing a bumbling & clueless individual, wending his way through his trials & tribulations.  It’s his niche.  But he is not an inspired thespian, by any sense of the word & is someone who relies on direction & script to enhance his natural abilities.  There’s nothing innately wrong with his performance, but everything wrong with the story, script, direction of those who would usually be comedic or expressive.  I found this film to be a complete failure, in that the characters are merely headed towards their respective directions, yet nothing of interest happens in & around them, or by them, along the way.

While Knightley may or may not be a current darling of the silver screen, I question her being cast in a role that was intended to be quirkey, slightly funny & desperate.  She fails to convince on all.  I’m not sure she’s capable of emoting on her own after this film mistake & will be revising my views of her, accordingly.  She could have at least given a token effort.  It must have been a pretty penny in her pocket & a moment on the marquee.  Isn’t this worthy of giving it your all?

I do not recommend this film for viewing.  It’s not funny, even though it’s supposed to be eccentric & giddy.  There are no redeeming moments in this whatsoever.  Not even a buck spent on the world blowing apart.

Really, I was in the mood & needed to see a comedy.  Disappointment.

Sadly, a bloated Martin Sheen makes a disastrous cameo.  Seeing his state is almost as bad as seeing a grandparent, nude before bathing.