Complaints & misunderstandings from Gillian Anderson

 It’s reported that Gillian Anderson feels stereotyped, in the US.  Her signature role in the X-Files, being her complaint.  If you are identified with a particular project or work, that’s just the way it is, in my book.  One wonders if that’s such a bad thing.

Actually, the only reason that she’s even a name to be remembered is because of the X-Files & any fault at stereotyping should fall squarely on her or her agent’s shoulders.  It never seems to amaze me when celebrities, who’ve reaped fortunes, complain about their circumstance.  While there are starving artists that would kill to be in their shoes.

I do understand that Anderson is being offered roles in the UK.  However; the only reason why she can’t make the same claim in the US, is because she’s failed to make a larger name for herself in America.  So, her complaint is disingenuous.

She’s still a wonderful actress.