Review~ Inventive English Comedy, Enjoyable If You Pay Attention; Gambit

Gambit, with Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth & Alan Rickman.  Director, Michael Hoffman.  If there’s one thing I really savor, it’s a good English comedy & it seems the only ones that reach me (lately) are good.  The chaff, being  shaken off somewhere between here & London.  My guide in picking this movie?  Firth.  Always the understated actor, who’s suave British manner is admired by me; at the very least.

The only problem with these English films is that they often rely on knowledge of British behavior, sarcasm & dry humor.  While knowing more than a few Englishmen; I admit to still being mystified by them, at times.  But, if you keep your eyes on the screen & don’t make assumptions, it’s not a difficult task to reckon their meanings.  Especially, when they (the English) need to make sure everyone knows exactly how clever they really are.

Firth is exciting, in his way, as an abused employee bent on revenge.  A journey that takes him to Texas & back to the Thames, with a hick in tow.  Though his character & self seem to clash with Diaz, with no discernible chemistry, the film is written with as much wit as necessary to carry the audience into an almost Peter Sellers-esque scheme with slapstick.

While Diaz may still be a beguiling figure of a woman, it’s Rickman who stands out as the character & a half.  I love a good “villain” & this lucky man seems to play them well.  Even this comedy seems to fit like a glove in his masterful rendition of an eccentric monster.  The kind we all run into, on occasion.  Nice to see that the elderly are still valued in today’s film industry.

I am a little confused at the rate of slickness & professionalism, of late.  Whether a good movie, or bad, these films seem to zip along as if smooth transitions & impressive cinematography have always been the rule of the land.  Not being someone that likes every single thing, I find it amazing how many good films seem to be out & about!  This film is adequate.  It’s cast sophisticated & clear.

I recommend this movie.  It’ll put a smile on your face, every so often.  Thank you.