Sinister & vile Michael Moore wants to expose deceased children to his agenda

 The main problem with notorious hypocrite Michael Moore, isn’t his rabid-socialist views; but his anti-US Constitution attacks against America.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another with his ever-open mouth. 

He is now demanding, as reported, that  photographs (crime scene) of the dead children at Sandy Hook Elementary School now be shown to the public.  In his estimation, doing so would signal the demise of the National Rifle Association & spur disarmament of the American public.

Being a prime example of someone that’s in denial, about almost everything you can name; Moore forgets that he lives in a country founded by revolt against big government (the British, at the time) & that it is written in stone, as a right of every (qualified) American to be able to protect themselves against any possible future of oppressive government, with force of arms.

Moore completely ignores the real issues of mental health, in his rush to use situations of this nature for his anti-American blithering & cause.

Needless to say, the parents & relatives of the Sandy Hook victims are livid.  How dare he use their children & relatives for his slobbering & low-infection views!  The opportunist (remember, the wealthy Moore tried to coop the anarchists’ over-rated sit-in a year ago), will go to all lengths, ignoring sensitivities, facts & reality; in order to attempt to alter the Constitution, therefore destroying it.

It is the US Constitution that gives government power here.  Without it, there would be no America.  Without it, there is no basis of authority.  No rule of law.

Michael Moore is a ghoul.  I find his actions treasonous.

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