Naivety in San Francisco as the Gays & their assumptions are Michele Shocked

Evidently, there was more than a little despair & confusion at a recent concert in San Francisco, as a clustering of gays at a concert starring Michelle Shocked, an obscure has-been from the 1980’s, was treated to a mild version of a meltdown by someone they assumed was gay &  sympathetic.

The Pentecostal convert (a Christian fringe church), who has a history of attacking everyone & everything in site, must have made a decision to alienate a large segment of what remains of her fan base.  Periodically, during her performance she went on & on about gays & other issues, reportedly with what the uber-sensitive (gullible, politically liberal), gay-mafia supporters would consider to be hate speech.  In the middle of San Francisco, of all places.

It’s not a weakness of mine.  I don’t automatically assume – anything.

This woman was even associated with the anarchists & their charades in the past few years.  Why would any self-respecting, supposedly urbane gay be taken in by such a thing!  Is this Democratic (liberals, progressive, etc.) demographic so needy & willing to trust every little thing that smiles, that they freely give their loyalty someone of her profile.

All I can say with certainty; is that anyone that decides someone is gay just because they, as a person of gender, seem to be a bit more masculine or feminine for their said gender – is just fooling themselves.  When will the population learn that sexual preference has nothing to do with whether someone’s effete or macho?

Personally, had I been there, the moment would have been savored!  The harpy shocked everyone & the sound of bubbles being burst, must have been as deafening as the single-issue voters & humiliated ran to the exits, ready to give Michelle Shocked the Anita Bryant treatment, times ten.

They thought she was a lesbian.  Uh oh!  After all these years, you’d think one of the US gay liberals would have figured it out.  Guess not.  That’s too bad.  I wonder how long it took the cleverest in the audience to figure out something was going on.  Probably, quite a while before reality set in & the wounds were wide-opened & bleeding.