Jay Leno stands up to NBC executives liberal quagmire, for the right to tell a joke

Jay Leno, has been on a rampage during his opening monologues, on the Tonight Show, this past week or so.  His jokes have included jibes against NBC executives & low ratings for the network.  Apparently, a sore point revealing a lack of  humor among the suits.

The Jackals are circling as one might suppose & there is talk about replacing him with Jimmy Fallon.  Possibly moving production out of liberal California.  Raising the specter of a union whine, loss of scores of jobs plus how many more support service concerns.  Again more jobs lost.

From a perspective, Leno is also on record joking about the bad economy, assigning it rightly on the shoulders of the White House.  One can only imagine the chagrin of liberals nation-wide, forced to confront unbiased humor, debasing their illusions of “fairness” & light.  Therefore; the crux of the matter as notoriously liberal-biased US mainstream media doesn’t like it when the joke is about their own hypocrisy & lack of responsibility.  Not to mention, the minions of “liberal-ness” who idolize, literally, everything governmental, Obama-ish – & feel offended by something that they had put trust in.  That’s right, liberals aren’t coming to Leno’s defense.

Personally, I admire Leno’s gumption.  He’s always had it but the winds of mediocrity have increased so much of late that he can’t honestly do anything else but satirize the pickle we’re all in, aiming at the source of America’s dismay.  Pointing fingers.

With that bottom line; the executives, not being the sharpest sticks in the fence, are thinking profit losses, cutting their losses & a change in their game.  Rationale doesn’t come into the picture with these kind of folks, believe me.  Making grand decisions, at the cost of many careers, isn’t a consideration as long as one or a team of them can present it all as a position-promoting accomplishment.  It doesn’t have to be a real accomplishment or a good move for people of this ilk to move up the ladder.

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