Review~ Combat Team In The Ultimate Betrayal, Dwayne Johnson & Byung-hun Lee; G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe: Retaliation, with Dwayne Johnson, Jonathan Pryce, Byung-hun Lee, Bruce Willis & Channing Tatum.  Jon M. Chu, Director.  Not seeing the previous G.I. Joe film, or being a fan of the comics or anything to do with this franchise; my two draws to this film were Johnson & the fact that I had a G.I. Joe (action figure) doll as a child.  Also I was wondering if Vosloo would have a substantial role or cameo, as he is a favorite of mine.  I was presented by an effective action thriller; not too clever & not too stupid.

Johnson is always a wonder to watch physically & he knows it.  I do think that, while he’s well cast in these types of films, he could also be well-used in dramatic portrayals.  His talent & wit are underestimated.  Perhaps actors of his caliber are just happy to be making loads of cash & frequently seen on the screen; but it’s a darn shame an equally promoted movie, dealing with real life issues or intelligent science fiction, doesn’t star this wonderful actor.

Of course, the story’s combat team is set to save the world in much the same way that some movies aimed at children, show them doing the same.  These things are all fun roller-coasters.  Johnson is a team leader, with family-inspired sarcasm & forthrightness.  His character is complimented early in the film with Tatum; however, this dynamic isn’t to last.  Events conspire & a panoply of villains, conspire to take the story in another direction.  It’s his party, basically.  So, if you’re looking at a cast list, dumb down for a bit & make your viewing decisions on whether you like or do not like, Johnson.

The standout role, other than Johnson’s, must be Byung-hun’s.  His depiction of a troubled martial arts adept is interesting, showing off his moves; but could have been taken a bit further.

The movie was a one-trick pony.  I do recommend it for viewing; because it’s definitely not boring & the special effects are very entertaining.  It has a large-ish cast & everyone has at least ten seconds to shine.

Vosloo’s engagement in the film was merely fleeting.  Less than a cameo, in case you wanted to know.