Review~ Good Endings Don’t Make An Overall Bad Film Better; The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, with Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde & Jim Carrey.  Don Scardino, director.  Carell’s brand of humor is always a hit & miss affair.  This film was almost a complete miss, but there were actually moments that made me chuckle, not laugh.  Which is problematic for a comedy.

Wonderstone, played by Carell, is a tired Las Vegas hotel magician who is stuck in a rut; along with his partner Marvelton, played by actor Buscemi (a much better actor, but no comedian).  The film’s antics rely on wit so dry that no amount of re-hydration seems capable of saving it.  Perhaps a more complicated plot or something a little more shocking than Jim Carrey’s old-hat rubber faces would have added a little substance to something, so without content.  It’s hard to say.  I think casting Carrey was a mistake.  I don’t like desperation & he seems to exude career despair, out of his pores.

Even the inclusion of familiar faces James Gandolfini & Alan Arkin as subordinate characters didn’t help the film achieve any lift.  Motion pictures that are difficult to watch & understand because of vacuousness tend to relegate any interesting members of the cast to little more than landmarks.

Steve Carell really isn’t a I Love Lucy slapstick artist.  Had he been more multifaceted it definitely would have helped the movie.  Buscemi isn’t a comedian & Olivia Wilde is out of her element being shuffled around.

We’ve seen Carrey’s routines over & over.  He’s a has been (twice over), which is to say; he was never able to recapture his perch at the top, which was a long time ago.  I had wondered why he has recently been tweeting political BS & attempting to insert himself in a US national debate on gun control.  I hadn’t even heard he was in this film until viewing it.  Obviously, he’s trying to be relevant & edgy.  It’s not working & he’s not being taken seriously.  I have no pity, which should also be obvious, for mercenaries.  Which he is one.

Carell is innocent & shouldn’t be held accountable for the film’s stupidity & Wilde is superfluous to everything.

Avoid the film, as I avoided reading other reviewers’ nasty taglines & their universally bad reviews of the film; just to be fair!  I should have have listened to the bad news, before wasting my time.