Arrogant Beyonce pretends to be a queen in Cuba, while Congressmen are now asking why

Beyonce & her husband, Jay-Z the “rap star”, are spending their wedding anniversary in Cuba.  Something that ordinary Americans, from billionaires to penniless hicks, are restricted from doing.

The couple have been touring Havana this past week with US Government permission.  Now, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen &  Mario Diaz-Balart, US Congressmen from Florida, have queried the Treasury Department as to which particular license they have been granted, in order to do so.  Since only those with intentions of meaningful, educational interactions (& a few other exceptions) are allowed to visit the notorious island nation, which is an avowed enemy of the US & under a well-deserved, decades old embargo.

Needless to say, a scandal is brewing.  Beyonce, a frequent visitor to the White House & a collaborator, doesn’t seem to qualify for any license.  Wannabe celebrity Obama, well-known for having star-filled eyes, may have instructed, inappropriately, Treasury to allow this.  Something that he is capable of doing, but which action is illegal – & wrong-headed.  What kind of president is he, that he seems to be in the pocket of a pop star’s pocket?  Seemingly, obliged to do something illegal, for whatever promises he made to her.

The Cuban-American community doesn’t appreciate these kind of things.  They despise the oppressive & murderous Castro brothers & their Communist regime.  Meanwhile; Beyonce, the flavor of the moment, smiles obliviously, with no idea of the history & reasons why Americans are not allowed to visit Cuba.  Doing so, helps to validate the regime there.  Which has kept its people in bondage, while the rest of the world (except North Korea, of course) has moved on, these last fifty years.

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  1. Oh scandalous scandal in the most scandalous sense! Get a grip, dude. Because, who cares?