Review~ Seen Before Twists, Acceptable Action, Great Sci-Fi Concepts, Tom Cruise Does His Thing; Oblivion

Oblivion, with Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough & Olga Kurylenko.  Director, Joseph Kosinski.  Perhaps Cruise had to prove that he still had his mojo, after his ex-wife made a spectacle last year of fleeing their marriage.  He is definitely a  professional & I like his movies, usually, despite his private life.  Which is none of my business because he keeps his mouth shut about current events & social issues.  Detected; no unusual activity, as far as trying too hard or over-compensating.  Result; an entertaining Tom Cruise movie.

Cruise is heroic as a technician, living slightly above the Earth with his paramour, going out daily in a fantastical ram-jet plane to fix flying drones that either malfunction or are shot down by the mysterious.  He does the usual Cruise action routines, almost exactly the way he does them in each of his thriller films.  Would we expect anything less?  I doubt it.  Is it what we pay to see?  Almost certainly.  He’s consistent.

Riseborough, his partner-lover, in the whole endeavor is solidly supportive in her portrayal.  Every bit as effective as she was in Shadow Dancer, I think she had some latitude on how to play her character & chose well, every word & move.  I really do think she’s an excellent actress & loved seeing her in this excellent science fiction piece.

Kurylenko, a Ukrainian beauty, had less freedom to wander in a rigid role that put her beside Cruise, as an ornament.  One would guess that any actual acting had been left on the cutting room floor.  Not everyone gets a chance to shine, which is a pity.  But she wasn’t alone; as Freeman’s role, though not a cameo – seemed as restricted.  I swear, everyone just wants to listen to his seemingly-wise voice, as if he didn’t have anything else to offer.

I do recommend this film for viewing.  It’s fine & dandy, after ten minutes & keeps up that rank until the end.  Well worth the watch.  Thanks!

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  1. I agree. It was a well made movie. The movie sets were fantastic. Cruz and the movie sets had me believing what was happening was actually happening. The drone chase scenes reminded me of star wars; excellent. All and all a great Sci-fi flick. There aren’t enough of them.