Lauer wanted a crisis team in to fix public relations mess, for which he was responsible

It’s come out that during the Today Show hubbub last year; wherein, tin-pot dictator Matt Lauer (notoriously inept & unctuous anchor) & NBC executives forced out Ann Curry for actual reasons known only to themselves – that Lauer wanted to call in a  commercial crisis-team.  However; their big wigs shot that idea down.  Such is the way with many who totally fail in their attempt to manage debacles.

Curry had either failed to be popular or was just not liked by these people, who forced her out brutishly & without finesse.  It happens.  Politics in an office can be barbaric but if a significant amount of US viewership is paying attention to bad personalities, there’s going to be significant scrutiny & speculation.  Hard feelings & a whole lot of despising of those that are deemed responsible.

Lauer makes a great target.  After Katic Couric left years ago for bigger & better opportunities, Lauer was obviously left behind, as discarded baggage.  Albeit, well-paid discards.  I noticed, on occasion, that he would be given interviews with controversial people involved in the news – & would try too hard, clumsily showing himself to be nothing more than a journalist wannabe.  If someone filmed me interviewing my cat, it would make for better television.  That’s how awful he truly is.

The former kerfuffle even involved the now-slim-formerly-large Al Roker, the weatherman.  Now famously known for admitting that he messed his pants in the White House a decade ago, or so.  The picture was painted that there were warring sides, with the victim being defended by Roker & others with rat Lauer as the bad guy.  Whether he was despicable or not, is irrelevant .  Even a bad personality loses effectiveness, with ineptitude.  Cry baby Curry, Roker the defending knight; all makes for a low brow drama.  Especially when ratings have been dropping for the Today Show for years.  Tempest in a teapot, I say, with Lauer still spinning to keep up the wind.