Review~ Interestingly Unremarkable Film For Elijah Wood To Choose; Maniac

Maniac, with Elijah Wood, Nora Arnezeder.  Director, Franck Khalfoun.  Being a fan of horror, I was intrigued by Wood being in this film.  That was the draw.  My disappointment that he didn’t bring  anything special to the film, other than his talent, was enough to ruin my day.  Big stars, generally famous & successful because their capabilities are extensive; frequently star, support or otherwise get along in independent films.  Foregoing the big bucks in exchange for doing something fun, groundbreaking or for personal reasons of their own.  I was expecting great twists, an eclectic plot or, at the very least, new cinematic advances.  Anything.  There was nothing.  Just an adequate & smooth story.  Nothing frightening or memorable.

Wood does, actually, do a nice “maniac” with the camera’s focus from the crazy’s perspective.  In a film where nothing is inherently wrong, production-wise, it was notable halfway through the feature that there was to be nothing more to offer than was was seen in the first ten minutes.  I like Wood.  How could anyone not?  However; another actor might have gone off-cue with an ad-lib or two.  Maybe an eye twitch or some excess drool.

The only creepy thing about the movie was the non-stop murder, but even that was a bit boring.

Avoid this film, if you’re looking for originality & content.  It’s a remake of an earlier movie; therefore, only a useless celebration.  Smoothness & alacrity does not make a great film, merely something to watch.

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  1. This is probably the second dislike of the film I’ve read. The rest, which is somewhere in the 25-30 review range, have raved about it, not to mention those die hard fans of the original film. I think I’d take their opinion more to heart. I’m hoping it will be out near me so I can make my own decision.

    • Any published opinion on a film is going to be what it is; an opinion. I’ve been around the block more than once. I don’t necessarily like things just because others prefer them, because a particular actor is in something, because a particular director has created something, etc. If the content presented isn’t worth the ballyhoo, then I call it like I see it. I require & expect more. Sorry, I’m not a sheep. If you want a majority opinion, then so be it. A majority or consensus, is not proof of content. You’re already convinced you’ll like it.

  2. Harsh words Marc. I have heard nothing but praise for this, so it’s good to see a different opinion. I’m watching it this weekend, maybe we will agree :)

    • I was being kind! Hahahaha
      Will watch for your opinion, on the matter. I didn’t research the film, which may have well been a remake or intentional creation in the same style as an earlier work. In which case, my critique was unfair.