Review~ Over-used Plot & Paltrow Spoil Downey Jr’s Latest Venture; Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3, with Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle & Gwyneth Paltrow.  Director, Shane Black.  Formulaic movies aren’t something that I mind, all that much.  I’ve used the phrase “known quantity” previously.  Not everything has to be a surprise.  New or original.  But please, the old  comic book plot-lines about total personal collapse & rebirth?  Come on.  Are the producers forgetting that their audience includes veteran graphic novel connoisseurs; as well as normal folk?  Still – “used up” sort of qualifies as familiar.  It’s not failure.  The film has a cute kid & goes easy on the smooches.  Remembering that the director is trying to relate & stay true to the original Iron Man themes; allows us to forgive accidental & wholly unpleasant pieces of stories.  Already inherent in the stories of Batman, on down.

It’s difficult to have an opinion on Downey.  Someone with a prodigy’s attitude, who puts his all into performance, is hard to gauge.  I would say he does well.  What do I know?  If lines are spoken & I don’t second guess how something should be said or done – then it’s a success.  He always has a natural style, in my book.  At least, he’s a perfectionist.  I like that quality in a human.  Whether it’s notable or exciting, is another matter entirely & totally dependent on a viewers perspective & taste.  He’s not a favorite actor, of mine.  But that doesn’t mean he’s not excellent.

My beef with the film is Paltrow.  Again, she comes across as smug & entitled.  Typical of her ilk.  Which I won’t go on about.  Her character matches her person.  Supercilious & superfluous.  Capable of playing only the au current.  Not much beyond that.  A passable performance for a standard personality.  Common, but beautiful.

Cheadle stands out as the real star; with emotion, albeit in a limited role.

I do recommend this film, as an adequate & official beginning to the blockbuster season.  When all is said & done, Downey is a great entertainer & immerses himself into the role.  It is his way.

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  1. An entertaining film (the first blockbuster this year like you say), although not a movie I really loved. I thought Paltrow had way too little screentime and much to do…

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