Review~ Strange Rob Zombie Film, Witches Abound Around Sheri Moon; The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem, with Sheri Moon Zombie, Meg Foster, Bruce Davison & Jeff Daniel Phillips.  Rob Zombie, director.  It seems Salem, Massachusetts still retains its notorious reputation as a troublesome witch haven, according to this film.  A tongue in cheek adventure, I think.  Sinister & lurking, reminiscent of Polanski’s elegant Rosemary’s Baby (a natural comparison in which to arrive, as these movies share the same basics) , I didn’t want to laugh but didn’t scream or receive a jolt.  Surely this film seems to do its job as just a disturbing entry in this year’s horror offerings.

Ms. Zombie is effective, though a little too laid back, as a Salem disc jockey who becomes enmeshed in a conspiracy of witches; which of course, since it’s Salem, has to do with long dead witches & their curses.  I would say she’s suited to roles of this nature, absent any traditional or natural ability to act.  Not a complaint.  Just an observation.

The real star is definitely Meg Foster.  I barely recognized her through the grime.

The movie isn’t a number one special effects container but is campy enough, 1970’s-style, to be a winner.  The cinematography may not be as clear & exciting as many might prefer, with more than a little location repetition & confusing night & day sequences, but the gloom is apparent.  Which must have been the director’s intent.

Great additions to the cast include Dee Wallace of Cujo fame & Judy Geeson & Patricia Quinn.  Veterans, each.

All in all, I liked the film for what it was.  Horror & thriller incarnate, without buckets of blood.  I do recommend it, especially for those that worship Rob Zombie films.  It’s a creep-fest.  A Rob Zombie film lacking in refinement.  Which is acceptable.

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  1. I liked this, reviewed it last week and seen some other stuff about it, seems quite favourable on our blogging world but not so much on IMDB.

    Not as good as his early more horror efforts but pretty solid. Nice one Marc

    • It’s late here, but thanks, Tyson. I’ll certainly read your review in the morning! I’ll tell you, other than you & a couple of others, I really do avoid reading any reviews whatsoever. Maybe that’s a failing of mine but I don’t want to be swayed by the opinions of others in comparison. I like your opinions, they’re honest. Thanks again.

    • Cheers, and no worries. I’m the same, I skim to the rating sometimes if it’s a blogger I like, but unless Ive seen the film and of course its something I really want to see, I avoid everything, even trailers. Just so I can go into it with as clear a mind as possible.