Keanu Reeves to star in retaliation film John Wick

Keanu Reeves is reported to headline a new action-retaliation film called John Wick.  I’m thinking this could be the only potential blockbuster he’s bothered to do since The Matrix films.

Finding nothing in particular about this film yet, tells me that it’s still in negotiation.  A search only seems to bring up a role-playing game guru, plus various  people with the name.  Nothing indicating a great story or anything that would take him beyond his last modest movie, Street Kings & the less than totally successful film, The Day the Earth Stood still.

I have to say, as a consistent fan of Reeves, since the mid-1990’s, I’ve been a little disappointed with his lack of daring do, momentum or otherwise; since The Matrix trilogy.  While he does retain his star status, I think he’s definitely lost his A-list ranking.  While his peers have consistently been pulling off big numbers, bit titles & cementing their own personal legends as top action stars.  Every year.

Even though Reeves is still a “name”, he’s no longer in their league; at a critical point in life where he might or might not have about ten years of usability left.  A failing for the notorious, navel-gazing actor.  Too down to earth for his own good.

His recent films, Man of Tai Chi & 47 Ronin, each seemingly in perpetual post production; are not in any way aimed at the American market.  While he is an international celebrity, it is the US audience that made him what he is today.  I find it a slight against his fans here in the US.  Though not a big insult, because he’s no longer the enormous movie star.

While I am a fan, he’s not the only game in town & star worship isn’t my thing.  I don’t forgive, or forget, without limitation when it comes to Reeves.  I find it a bit arrogant that his focus hasn’t been soley on films & have more than a little disdain for these big names that decide they want to do something else, other than what has put millions in their bank accounts, just for the sake of insipid artistic license.

So many have done this & have faded away into obscurity, to be looked on as a footnote fifty years later.  That said, his humility is his saving grace.  It’s a shame that he can’t pull his head out of his behind.

However; he might be doing that even as we speak.  I’ll keep watch for more of this John Wick venture.

For any who don’t understand that, no one is beyond critique; I say, see a shrink.  Remember that while I am critical, there are few actual, more intelligent fans of Reeves, than myself.