Review~ Story That Winds Down A Long Road, Cooper & Gosling; The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines, with Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper & Eva Mendes.  Director, Derek Cianfrance.  Though I’ve never been to Schenectady, NY, I’ve heard about it & I have a lovely Facebook friend that lives there.  Surprisingly, it seems to be a pleasant place, for the  most part, & is the setting for the story of police corruption, ambition, a meaningless life & the beginning of a journey.

Avoiding any trailers, I expected a tale of romance & angst with a goal of some conclusion including a haven at the end of someone’s bad scene.  Well, it wasn’t all that.

Gosling broods as a dirt bike, drifter working for a carnival that circles around every once in a while.  He’s always interesting to me.  I still haven’t decided if there’s anything going on in his noggin, but directors seem to know how to use blank stares to their advantage.  I would say he’s over-rated, but that might be a bit extreme.  My suspicion is that he’s somewhere in between a good talent & a moron.  He’s popular with the ladies; however, & is a big name now, sort of.  His salary would be enormous, at any rate.

Cooper is a favorite of mine & his role as a beat cop in a tired New York town is, at first, a little exhausted but picked up to carry the day.  I would suggest patience, as this tale begins oddly, turns into something that might be about gosh darn police corruption, but turns around into a multiple morality play, ending with no morality but fate.  Take it or leave it.

Mendes seems to tie everything together & is the quiet but standout talent.

I recommend this film because it doesn’t bore one for too long before the realization hits that, it’s actually a fantastic movie & unpredictable enough to keep the interest.

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  1. Compare Gosling to Cooper & you’ll see the difference & what I mean. Look to the original stars like Errol Flynn & others to judge our modern “stars”.
    I like several stars just for themselves, without regard to their actual talent. For instance, I have always been giddy about Keanu Reeves. However; I’ve never been anything but realistic when considering his capabilities.
    I welcome all perspectives & value individual opinions. One doesn’t have to be defensive with me. Thank you!