Review~ Simple & Well Done, Fright In Haunted Rural Louisiana; Dark Circles

Dark Circles, with Johnathon Schaech & Pell James.  Paul Soter, director.  Perhaps the things, at the beginning of the film, that annoyed me were calculated to keep the audience off guard.  I would like to think so.  After all; an annoying couple,  who you’d never want to know in person, keeps you thinking about the stupidity of humans.  Keeping the viewer focused on the characters, instead of allowing them to think ahead.  Brilliant writing can be everything.

Schaech was perfectly bothersome as a husband that doesn’t necessarily want to leave the big city with his wife in order to raise a new baby in rural circumstances.  Where larger houses can be cheaply bought, in the middle of nowhere.  I thought, I’d seen him before.  He’s an ex-model.  Part of the cast of 2008’s Quarantine.  A familiar face that you just can’t place, until you look him up.  He’s alright, not the best actor on the planet; but more than adequate.

Periodic jolts in a horror film are to savor sometimes.  There were several such moments & each time I tried to prepare myself.  Unsuccessfully.  So that’s a good barometer.  Not so much creepy, as just mysterious with great scenes reminiscent of that Japanese horror film, with ghosts & stringy black hair that might get in your mouth.  The Grudge.  See what you think, maybe long hair of any kind is pesky to my mind, only.  Me, projecting non-coiffed hair as frightening.  If you knew me, you’d know it’s not a joke.

James, the other half of the vexatious couple, played a manic woman most excellently.  It really was a distraction.  Good actress, not great.

I would say the stand out talent is the director/writer, Soter.  The writing was excellent, worthy of Hitchcock.  The film on its face, may not appear to be sophisticated; but second thoughts often bring truth to light.

I recommend this film for viewing.  Being not quite the scariest thing you’ll ever see.  Different than buckets of blood & lurching monsters, arms out to poke your eyes out.  Happy, that I saw it.  Yes, indeed.