Review~ Normal Family Under Attack By The Grays; Dark Skies

Dark Skies, with Josh Hamilton & Keri Russell.  Director, Scott Stewart.  An astonishingly, sufficient film about abduction.  I have to say that because that’s what the film is about.  Hopefully, it’s not spoiling it for anyone.  The trailer implied all this anyway, as I remember.

What could otherwise have been a rotten film, was saved by good acting & minimal special effects.  Cheap actors would have made this a joke & Hamilton & Russell are each fairly sound actors.  Creating a drama with the story that was believable because of their talent.

Yes, there were flaws.  Part of a dialogue contained a mistaken reference to the day the character was speaking about.  The conversation being in the middle of the night & the incident referenced was the day before; but “today” was cited.  There was an incident that caused the family’s house to be soiled on the outside & before you know it the structure was clean as if there had been no required effort to make it so.  These little things stood out.

I recommend the film as a time killer.  The imperfections were trivial, though I noticed them as they happened, instead of in retrospect.  It’s not a bad movie.  Therefore; something to see.  Better than watching local news or some offensively, ridiculous reality show.  I’d rather hear/see a store than watching a dance competition, any day.