Review~ Canny Mystery Surrounds A Husband’s Murder, Law & Zeta-Jones; Side Effects

Side Effects, with Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Channing Tatum.  Steven Soderbergh, director.  Not giving too much credence to the received word of mouth that this was a “good thriller” of some quality, but desperate to see anything that might be interesting; I found something incredibly cunning.  When Soderbergh’s name popped up on the screen – that was the assurance that was needed.  Law & Zeta-Jones just wasn’t enough for me.  Yup, a hard sell am I.

Law was vivid as a psychiatrist, who finds himself involved with a lady (Mara) who is struggling with depression.  Firstly, prescribing a drug, as these people are wont to do for every little thing, then finding himself embroiled in scandal as the chemical had unintended consequences.  Namely; murder.

The cinematography was crisp & to the point; with New York City as a backdrop to what seemed to be a mystery, yet wasn’t.  All this was helped by a fantastic script & story.

Mara is someone I’m just seeing initially, in this film.  A personal discovery, well met.  I can imagine casting finding someone capable of deadpan delivery, perfect for a character with crazy issues.  We’ll hope to see this one again, as she is at once sexy & then dull.  An interchangeable ability that I rarely see, but is celebrated by everyone once it’s found.  Perhaps it’s overlooked if there are other, more important aspects to a film.  Anyway, I think she’s a terrific actress, upon seeing this one performance.

Zeta-Jones is an amazing chameleon.  I last encountered her in Broken City, but found her eclipsed in that film (I didn’t even mention her character).  Her substantial role in this was a breath of fresh air, stunning in appearance, as well as talent.  The currently under-rated, but in demand actress is one of my all time favorites.

Tatum’s character was definitely a minor role, but to be in the company of these fine people had to have been a boost, to a career that needs some definite, sophisticated dramatic appeal, at top drawer level.  Not street level.  Though hardly a blockbuster, the film would fit nicely on anyone’s resume’.

The recommendation that I give this film is heartily given.  The film is not to be missed.  Because I found no obvious flaw, was entertained & fascinated at twists that were possibly predictable, but surprising; nevertheless.