Review~ Predictably Slick With So Many Stupidities, Great For Boys Night Out; Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6, with Vin Diesel & Paul Walker.  Director, Justin Lin.  There are times when even I am at a loss for words.  I’ve seen a lot of bad movies, but the only ones that give flies a landing pad in my mouth are the big budget ones that are total losers.  Maybe that’s not quite the right word, especially when a movie like this will rake in the cash, guaranteed.  Trading on the franchise’ past laurels & the names headlining.  If you don’t mind expensive trash, then this movie is for you.

There are redeeming scenes in this.  If any movie is supposed to be about car chases, then this film is a hit, because they (actually) are exciting & well done.  Trash?  Maybe so.  Does every movie have to be a dramatic masterpiece?  No.

Diesel’s Riddick movie is coming out on 06SEP13.  I’m hoping he pulls off a good show, because he was definitely little better than a crash car dummy.  His “unique” style, may have been “interesting” once.  But that boat sailed, quite a while ago & when he’s standing next to Dwayne Johnson, he’s just a pug dog with a speech impediment.  Johnson is his usual magnificence.  He can even act, a little bit.

The sweet & tender moments in this godawful travesty, between Walker & his character’s wife, are enough to make even the most romantic amongst us sicken & turn away.  Yet the automobile antics, seem to soften that blow.  Somewhat.

I can’t say anymore, because there’s nothing more that can be said without spoilage.  Which is about as subtly descriptive as can be given, without outright insult to such a pricey concern.  Sometimes, we must go with  less is best, in order to preserve order among those we advise.  After all, garbage can be entertaining in the right setting.

Recommendation:  nil.  It will keep your attention.  Guaranteed.