Review~ Simple Is Best With Inevitable Evil, Ashley Bell; The Last Exorcism Part II

The Last Exorcism Part II, with Ashley Bell, Spencer Treat Clark, Tarra Riggs & Julia Garner.  Director, Ed Gass-Donnelly.  Not remembering whether I saw the first part of the story; I decided to treat this as a standalone film.  It was a sequel & I did watch the trailer for the film, out of curiosity.  I liked this film because it lacked any complexity, whatsoever.  Allowing the viewer to enjoy the one or two shocks & minimal effects.

Bell is a dainty thing, playing well the part of a girl who’s escaped some cult in the woods.  It’s clear from the beginning that she’s the object of the intended exorcism.  Since everything is simple, I’ll simply say that she’s great & really knows her stuff.  Odd to find charisma & ability in such a film.  It’s her show – & she works it.

As there really isn’t too much to the film, except for the obligatory, but unseen, slaughter in New Orleans; I’m at a loss to say anything further.  Other than, it appears to be a set-up for a part three & don’t expect anything close to The Exorcist, with Linda Blair; or The Rite, with Anthony Hopkins.  Look forward to a third rate ride & don’t complain.

I recommend the film, on it’s merits & because a good actress should never be ignored.  It’s not understated.  It’s clear & simple.  Not a great film, but the supporting cast is superb & the star is mesmerizing.

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  1. I liked the first one so looking forward to seeing the sequel when I can pick up a copy on blu ray. Glad you liked it. Ashley Bell is very good in a few things I’ve seen, The Day being her standout (poor-ish film)

    • Personally, I don’t think she’ll make it big. But I’ll enjoy her in whatever she’s in. She reminds me (physically) of that redhead (Irish?) gal that’s in Game of Thrones, that’s leeched onto John Snow like a sucker fish. But Bell is better looking, by far. Thanks Tyson, I know you’re busy fixing up a nursery for the upcoming blessed event. ;-)

    • Yeah thats a good shout, they do look similar. I didnt really think much of her in the first film, she was fine but nothing more, but looking forward to seeing this after her performance in other bits.

      Haha, I’m never too busy to check out good reviews, still 5 months of putting jobs off to go :)