America descends into totalitarianism

I mentioned elsewhere, a few months ago on Facebook, the new Two Billion Dollar NSA facility in Utah Valley.  Then deleted the post after a day, from paranoia.  I alerted everyone temporarily to the giant complex being built.

I can tell you, that this facility has a distinctive neo-1950’s America design to it.  It’s beautiful.  Obviously no expense being spared to create a storage facility for information in a very stable region.

I imagine there’s a lot of worry right now, among conspiracy, anti-government sorts, which I’m not; but there is a growing number of paranoiacs out there now.   The number increasing by the day.  People scared & distrusting of their once moral government.

I’m all in, for a strong America.  However; this use of the Patriot Act is intolerable & the current interpretation of it must cease.  It is a government overreach that even the worst of our planet’s dictators & authoritarians must now be envious.  Take heed,  the US government must NOT have every tool/law/procedure they desire for security or law enforcement.  If that means something bad happens; i.e., attack from abroad, etc. – then so be it.   America can respond appropriately & overwhelmingly, instilling the absolute fear into our enemies which comprises the ONLY actual defensive shield that can be effective.

This kind of internal surveillance must not continue, this is not the America that must exist.  While the increasing loss of privacy & civil rights has increased since 9/11,  this further intrusion into our private lives is a most distressing to a country founded on the principles of freedom & individual responsibility.  It is also a direct action by the Obama Administration.  Approved & implemented for the safety of the public from enemies without & within.  Obama has already stated that we must give up some freedoms in order for the government to protect us.  Fact.

Here is another, tech viewpoint of the tyranny which is Prism.