Review~ Turning Emotions & Battles Between Thugs, Farrell & Rapace; Dead Man Down

Dead Man Down, with Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Terrance Howard & Dominic Cooper.  Director, Niels Arden Oplev.  I hadn’t seen this movie, though it’s been out for more than a few weeks.  Perhaps, I’d seen a trailer, but must have forgotten.  So, late to the party & there were too few in the theater.  Which was fine with me, in the event sleep was necessary to get through a gang warfare, thug-fest.  All of which bores me to no end.  Instead, I was nearly by myself watching a film that was strangely good, despite the thugs in their self-important postures.

Farrell has another near-winner, playing an organized crime, tough guy with an agenda, with twist after twist.  He & the glorious Rapace were authentic in their love, angst & contradiction.  She is indeed my current favorite Swede & she does a lovely French accent.  If she were to have only one, great merit, it would be the ability to be the best distressed female possible, without too much screaming & tears.  Lovely is as lovely does.  She really is a modern actress with all the punk muster, & I like her lack of innate sarcasm.

The story’s main flaw is that it contains an emotional ripoff used in The Minority Report.  Which itself used the background, character motive from many before it.  It’s just that this particular baggage was so obvious.  To reveal it, would be to spoil it.  On the other hand, the film has been out for a while.  But this was a story pivot, I just can’t go & ruin it all for everyone that hasn’t seen it.

I do recommend the film for viewing.  It’s more than just a bunch of moronic gangsters shooting each other.  It makes me wonder, though; if Farrell & Rapace weren’t the stars would Howard been able carry the day.  Perhaps not.

Nuances, give guidance in my world.