Recent revelations confirm that America is now a police state

I’m not sure that most Americans understand just exactly what a police state is defined as & that, in the West, these kind of governmental systems have all started out as benign programs designed & promoted for public safety in order to protect the citizenry from some “enemy within”.  Either way; we’re officially in a police state now & have been since the Patriot Act was enacted.

I heard Judge Napolitano exclaim that the NSA surveillance of more than 100 million people (there are roughly 350 million Americans), does not violate the Patriot Act or any provision therein.  Rather, the action violates our US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.  I agree with this assessment.

I have always been careful to be aware what I am saying.  Where I am saying it.  How I am saying it.  It’s just ingrained in me, in the first place, because I am not a prey animal.  I have always kept my own counsel & continue to do so & struck a balance when communicating or expressing myself.  With the realization that we are in a police state (originally aimed at Muslim influences, then aimed at internal terrorists, now aimed at everyone), I must say that it’s even more important now to protect your communications with others.

I’m not referring to family pictures, political cartoons or images of that thing in the White House with a fly on his revolting face.  I’m pointing at confidential communication with family members, friends or associates that must now be encrypted in order to preserve normal, basic privacy.  Either protect your communications, or wait till you have lunch with someone, before speaking about private matters.

Instead of addressing the source of dangers in the country directly (Muslim, Russian & Chinese immigration) & cutting off the flow of people from these high risk places; we are now supposed to accept what our founders warned us was unacceptable.  The loss of freedoms for the sake of security.

For the past few days, I’ve been hearing several politicians, their operatives & diverse commentators, say that this governmental intrusion & surveillance is acceptable.  This being the near-consensus from the Republican & Democrat party camps.

Their reasoning is, that there are Americans that want them to do more to protect the peace.  The government is more than happy that they’ve been requested to do so.

If there was ever an indication that society in America has been emasculated, this is it.

The problem with the whole scenario is that not only are the hounds being released; but others that most people are unaware exist, are now stirring.  America is a large country, with a lot of corners.  There are many powers here, that are latent. When you disturb a balance, you wake everything & everyone up.  Those who were likely to keep sleeping during the peace, that was.

I know for a fact, that if you’re walking down a crowded street, you are walking by crazies, murders, insurrectionists & many more flavors of “not good”.   These are the monsters that our unguided government is waking up, because of their actions, on our behalf.  This goes beyond the rise of Fascism in Italy or the Nazis in the Rhineland.

I’m trying not to overreact; but facts are facts & I can’t imagine certain monsters are not now, on the move.

Batten down the hatches, my friends

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  1. its funny how Obama gets away with all the stupid shit he does. the media doesn’t criticize him as it would criticize a republican president.
    i just cant understand how did that brainless reject got reelected for the 2nd term.

    • The Republicans didn’t vote they should have & have only themselves to blame. That’s why I am a conservative and not a Republican. Thank you for reading the post.

    • the problem doesnt end here. the fact that Obama is still in power hurts the entire world not only the US

    • Europe has a hard time comprehending economic and political differences between their systems & that of America. They have supported Obama to their own detriment.

    • Europe is a dying continent. the Europeans are afraid of their own shadows. they dont make any hard decisions to pull themselves out from the mess they are in (economical and social). hell, they dont make any decisions. they think that if they will sit quite and do nothing the shit storm will pass but they are wrong.