Terrence Stamp, the original General Zod, confused that time goes on


Terrence Stamp, who played General Zod in the 1978 Superman with Christopher Reeves, is quoted as being “ambivalent” towards the new film, Man of Steel.  Wondering why a film remake was created in the first place.

Though it’s fair enough, to question the efficacy of any film re-do; we are continually in wonder at why (some) senior citizens are clueless to time marching on, with or without them.  Their status as ancient icons of cinema seemingly clouding their view of life in general, with statements & actions revealing them to be out of the mainstream.

While not being a condition only confined to has-beens & other former stars of the stage & screen, since these people have a (slightly) larger podium from which to broadcast their confusion; they do stand out as stereotypical dinosaurs.  Being defined as such, by their very words & not their age.

After all, it’s not just the elderly who can be out of touch, tech-challenged or just plain overly critical of things modern.  I suppose it is we, who are confused by those that life passes by; young or old.

It just goes to show all of us; it’s so important to know when to keep our mouths shut.  These slips & mistakes, being but a moment in time; are like knocking baskets of needed food, off the side of a boat into the deep blue sea.  Disappointing to, at the very least, those that are listening.  Bursting bubbles of admiration for a former star who we once admired.

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One response

  1. i think its a lot bigger than that.
    actors like that get their feelings hurt, and cant share the spotlight.
    now days when you think about general Zod the name of Michael Shannon will pop by reflex and not Terrence Stamp like it used to be