Review~ Knavery During An Annual American Event, Hawke & Headey; The Purge

The Purge, with Ethan Hawke, Lena Heady, Max Burkholder & Edwin Hodge.  James DeMonaco, director.  A simple but effective film.  Startling concept surrounding the theme of violence.  I didn’t think that violence & the stupidity of children could possibly be wound into a different yarn.  A mostly original story, slightly reminiscent of Clockwork Orange (at least, to me it was).

Hawke was his old self in this feature.  Nothing out of the ordinary in his role as father of a family, battening down the hatches for an annual event in America’s future, where anything goes for 24 hours.  Instituted by the government, to release violent tendencies & reduce crime.  He looks great.  One of the fairly, ageless actors.  An icon of sorts.

If convulsively evil youths with homicidal intentions are bothersome to the viewer, I suggest avoiding this movie.  They are to me; but that’s why I wanted to see this.  They create a reaction.  In me, it’s of revulsion & the instinct to kill before being killed.  Therefore; the movie was quite effective.  The audience seemed to share my thoughts.  Their screams & applause were validation of this short ride into hell.

Heady, also currently in HBO’s game of thrones, is a dazzling beauty.  She’s quite the drama queen nowadays, in her performances.  Good actress with a wide range of emotion.  Her portrayal of a conflicted mother, trying to protect her family was palpable.  Even as her wickedness is felt, on Thrones.  Good to see her in a feature film.  It would be a pity to lose her completely to television land.

Even the child actor, Burkholder, was acceptable.  Thankfully the film didn’t revolve around the tot.  That would have been a mistake.

I recommend the film for viewing.  It makes you think, while watching.  Morality is a difficult concept for some of us & we must remember, that there’s more to us than just the capability of doing harm; or defending ourselves.