Review~ Zombie Film Surpassing The Rest In Expense, Brad Pitt; World War Z

World War Z, with Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos & Daniella Kertesz.  Director, Marc Forster.  I think Pitt was playing catch-up with this film.  Since zombies are currently a hot commodity, it’s an easy target to throw huge amounts of funding into an epic film about zombies.  It was a good movie, hitting the emotional buttons, as any end-of-the-world with a big star & the best, of everything that any producer can find, to enhance the creation.  That’s what it was.  Nothing more or less.  Pitt was the focus, of course.  It’s all about Pitt.

Of course, Pitt knows his stuff & is an excellent actor, that’s made all the right film choices.  His role as a special UN person, with strategic & successful, skills on the ground in troublesome situations, caught up in a global outbreak of zombies, with his family; was well-suited to this action man.  Who better to save the day?

Great special effects.  The film was put together with just enough international scenes to give it that epic feel & a tempo appropriate to the situation.  Humanity needs saving & they had to do it quickly.  Tremendous scenes of carnage, arm-chewing undead & masses of people, completed this vision of destruction.  With lots of explosions & wide-eyed desperation.

Enos is a fairly new star.  Her empathy & tenderness as Pitt’s wife was surprisingly over-done.  I took a second take with some of her scenes, thinking that she was awfully lucky to get a peck on the cheek from the legend, & took advantage of a lucky situation.  She portrayed a good-mother, in a bad situation.  Quite a leap, from her tertiary television role in HBO’s Big Love.  I like her.

Sometimes, I compare these Summer blockbusters to the film Independence Day, from years ago.  It rated equal, with that one.  Pace & content.

I recommend this film for viewing, as it is a superb piece of mediocrity; with Brad Pitt to boot!

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