Review~ Tangled Tale With No End In Sight, McAvoy & Dawson; Trance

Trance, with James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson & Vincent Cassel.  Danny Boyle, director.  I have previously complained about the lack of originality in B movies (a generalization, of course) & have been vindicated by this mesmerizing story, starring A-lister, McAvoy with a decent budget indeed.  Innovational in every way, with only hints of other films haunting the edge of my brain.

McAvoy, an employee of a London auction house, represents these people well.  Vibrant lovers of all types of art in an industry that is apparently always on the lookout for theft.  He’s a favorite of mine, a wonderful voice & an accent that is attractive to any American.  His intensity has made him a star, I think.  His full range of emotions seems to come out in every film he’s been in.  Perhaps, we see what we want to see with this actor, whether it’s there or not.

Dawson & Cassel’s performances, both superlative actors, is the canvas with which director Boyle paints a confused & confusing character; McAvoy at his best.

I recommend this film for viewing.  The film that it reminds me of; Memento with Guy Pearce.  Coordinated & unending.  Get your comprehension skills ready.