Review~ Ridiculous Film Swamped By Politics, Channing Tatum; White House Down

White House Down, with Channing Tatum, Maggie Gyllenhaal & Jamie Foxx.  Director, Roland Emmerich.  There were at least four references to Abraham Lincoln, a finger pointed at the “military industrial complex” & an American president character, played by the clownish Foxx; not so vaguely modeled on the current occupant of the Oval Office.  I would say this politically liberal, suck-up film was a disaster, but it was too revolting for that description.

I’m very disappointed that Tatum would involve himself in this garbage.  The storyline was so overly convoluted, that the overkill eclipsed even the awful performance of Foxx, who is so over-rated nowadays that it’s not even funny.  Tatum’s “someone to watch over me” hero-character was enough to make me gag.  A pair of dunces.  Big mistake for Tatum.  Fox is irrelevant.

Though this film had all the trappings of a blockbuster, it turned out to be a big expensive mess.  The director wasn’t able to make the Byzantine machinations work in any way that could be considered clever, or worthwhile.  Maudlin & angry would be the bipolar label that first came to mind about a third of the way in.

Actually, the only real performance came from Gyllenhaal.  An actress I don’t usually care for, as she usually plays a bad love interest for a male lead, which never works for her.  She’s just not a siren, by any stretch of the imagination.  But in this film, her character was written with some style & grit.  Being the only thing on-target, by the writers & director.  However; one doesn’t recommend a film on the merits of a job well done, by a supporting actress.  The film isn’t about her.

I wasn’t fond of the other blasted Executive Mansion film earlier this year, but this atrocity really takes the cake.  Perhaps traffic on a country road would be more entertaining.  In the meantime, don’t waste your money at the theater, even if you’re mad about Tatum.  Some of you are indeed quite obsessed with him.

I like him, but he’s not without significant limitations.

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