Review~ Strange Nothingness Filled With Excellent Acting, Olin & Pike; The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know, with Rosamund Pike, Lena Olin, Molly Price & Dean Winters.  Director, James Oakley.  Olin’s name was my reason for watching this film.  Also, Pike; who was part of the cast of Wrath of the Titans.    My interest dampened after the theatrics turned this out to be a mommie dearest rip off, with nice locations & excellent acting.  What a conundrum!  I still can’t make up my mind whether I liked or hated it.

Olin’s movie star character, coming back to the silver screen after a decade-long hiatus, was counterpoint to her daughter’s (Pike) budding career.  Pike’s style is wide-eyed,  like a kitten about to be killed & her character’s main complaint is that everything she is & does is eclipsed by her mother.  Well!  Doesn’t that sound familiar, to those who’ve seen the Joan Crawford biopic that we all know so well.  It sure does!  So, the ripoff bells started going off in my head as the drama unfolded & the story-line’s detail showed scant possibilities.

I would say, it was as interesting as a rehearsal of some great movie being made.  That is, not very entertaining; but captivating nevertheless, as the actors went about their business.

Price & Winters were the rearguard to the action, their talents seemed hollow & loud, like a stage production.

I will recommend this stylish film, for the cast’s sake.  The script & plot, not so much.  The director did what he could with the production.

The actors were gorgeous & the locations sublime.

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