Review~ Martial Arts Whirligig From Hong Kong To Beijing, Keanu Reeves; Man of Tai Chi

Man of Tai Chi, with Keanu Reeves, Tiger Hu Chen, Iko Uwais & Karen Mok.  Director, Keanu Reeves.  Though the film is definitely produced & geared towards an Asian audience, with some individual actors that I’m not familiar with, it was definitely a hit in my book.  Not usually being a fan of martial arts movies, it was fascinating & good entertainment.

Reeves, seeming the elder statesman because of his former glories as star of the Matrix trilogy, is quite capable in a movie that he stars & directs.  I’m thinking that he needs to shape up a little more, but one can do all sorts of things with the correct lighting & a modern girdle.  He stretches a bit more, in his character range.  His malignant rage is believable, to a certain degree within his innate stoicism.  I enjoyed his performance & admire his reaching out to the East.

The West glimpses some quite candid views of the smog-filled landscapes of China.  Old & new architecture & a bit of their daily culture.  Again, old & new.  Ordinary at first, then a bit backward & naive; would be my overall observation.

Chen’s character, an innocent student of the contemplative physical discipline, Tai Chi; wends his way through competitive public fighting, in the beginning of the film, soon to be duped into fighting for a criminal organization.  The actor is an associate of Reeves; someone that has worked in his films as a stunt man.  I’ve noticed, in the gossip sites, that he has been seen rubbing shoulders with Reeves & I would dare extrapolate that they’re friends, of some kind.  Further; one could confidently guess that Chen has a patron, in that friendship.  He’s an excellent athlete, if not an actor – by any stretch of the imagination.

Great cinematics, Reeves seems to have absorbed quite a bit of directorial skills over the years.  Technique & enough gumption that the “kung fu movie” didn’t seem borish or old hat.  As far as the script is concerned; I’m sure it would seem original & new to the folks in Beijing.  As well it should.  There is no fault in that.

I recommend the film for viewing, on its merits & applaud what really isn’t a comeback by Keanu, but a triumph nevertheless.

Of course, anything that Keanu does, is of interest to me.

Note:  I wasn’t too keen on the soundtrack music score.  Cacophonous.

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