Review~ Disastrous Film, Gore Movie Masquerading As Artsy, Ryan Gosling; Only God Forgives

Only God Forgives, with Ryan Gosling, Vithaya Pansringarm & Kristin Scott Thomas.  Director, Nicolas Winding Refn.  I’ve been having a hard time seeing anything positive, visually or emotive, from Gosling of recent.  His dead pan, is beginning to be more than just annoying.  He’s over-rated, to the extreme & this movie, which is supposedly an artistic comment on violence in Thailand & Bangkok justice, in general; turned out to be a gigantic, nauseating mess.  I felt soiled after it finished.  Literally.

Gosling is terrible, in his portrayal of a murderer who left the US & established a boxing club in Bangkok.  An absolutely two dimensional performance left me thinking that he’s not just under-performing, but just a bad actor.  I had a problem with him in The Place Beyond the Pines.  Now, I’m sure that he’s just “not good”.

The beaten up, martyr thing just doesn’t work anymore, when it’s used to often.  Also, though I certainly do not require anyone, actor or otherwise, to be handsome or attractive; when someone is billed & lauded as being so, I push back.  He’s as homely as they come.  The head so large I continually watch for a wobble.

I got the feeling this was supposed to be some retarded rip-off of a David Lynch film.  Except, Lynch’s films are interesting.  When you find yourself sneering through much of a movie; you know something is wrong.

Pansringarm plays an anti-hero, serial killer, vigilante cop.  The imagery is confused with this actor with whom the movie revolves.  He’s either singing some foreign folk song or he’s chopping people up.  It’s a bit of a spoiler to say this, but don’t worry about it; if indeed you make the mistake of spending money on this joke.

Do not see this movie.  You don’t need to prove me wrong.

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  1. Saw Ryan Gosling in the Gang Squad a couple of days ago and he was terrible as usual, he is definitely over-rated. i cant figure out why people love him so much.

    • I think people confuse silence & a blank face – with wisdom & talent. I just don’t think he’s a good actor. Anyone can memorize a line & wear makeup.

    • After I wrote & published this, I checked our premier US film reviewer’s, Rex Reed, take on the matter. It’s not good, don’t read it, he’s way more ruthless than I could ever aspire. Evidently, Gosling didn’t even attend the European showing for it, don’t know if it was at Cannes or some other. Anyway, you’ll have to see it despite my warning. It’s quite shocking. It’s not supposed to be horror. But…