Review~ Locked Up In Prison In The Gay Section, A Prison Film With Flair, Goran Visnjic; K-11

K-11, with Goran Visnjic, D.B. Sweeney & Portia Doubleday.  Director, Jules Stewart.  Obviously, this film isn’t going to be for everyone, to say the least.  I had to be dragged, kicking & screaming, to see this.  Number one; prison films are not my cup of tea.  Number two; I’m not an admirer of gender bending nonsense.  Yet – & I’m going to try to be as clear as possible – this was a fascinating film.

Visnjic’s character finds himself incarcerated, by happenstance, in the homosexual block of a prison, for the crime of murder.  Brought in drugged & confused, an entertainment executive or agent, thrown in with pond scum & the mentally ill.  He’s an interesting actor, known for his role in the television series ER.  A Croat, referred to by many, straight & gay alike, as a heart-throb.  His style, dark & dramatic.  Empathetic.

Personally, I’ve thought of him as a great television, supporting actor.  More than adequate.  In this motion picture, I can say, he excels.  Obviously a daring choice, given sporadic bigotry.  I think he’s attempting to drag in a larger fan base.  Certainly, he got my attention!

The film doesn’t dwell on sympathies & whines, as one might expect.  It merrily goes along, a simple script, graphic prison realities; not so much nudity & unnecessary vulgarity.  Praise god, for that.  It is what it is.  A story about someone finding himself waking up to a nightmare.  Adaptation to the situation & a plan of recovery.

Since it doesn’t dwell on controversy & social agendas, I found it entertaining.  Even if revolting at times.  It really doesn’t make you descend to the gutter.  Again, I was thankful for that.  But it does make one think about how one would go about getting the heck out of Dodge!

I recommend this film for viewing, unless you really can’t stand the film’s whole premise.  It’s simple & well-written.  I do hope to see him in a larger production.

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    • I had to think twice before recommending it. But I just couldn’t resist doing so. I didn’t feel uncomfortable watching it, it was simple & well done & Goran is a brilliant actor. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this since Midnight Express (1978), which was a bigger production & has since been elevated to cult film status.