Review~ Plentiful Haunts & A Family Trapped Within Their Fear, Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga; The Conjuring

 The Conjuring, with Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor & Ron Livingston.  Director, James Wan.  Perhaps I was expecting something along the lines of the Amityville Horror, as hinted at by the trailers.  It seemed to coalesce along those lines in the beginning but picked up to become four dimensional, instead of claustrophobic – confined within one haunted building.  I’m thinking, it could have been a little less clinical & predictable.  However; I’m not going to fault it for being, what it is.  I don’t necessarily have to jump out of my seat, to enjoy a good ghost story.

Wilson has a directness & manner of speech that inspires enough confidence to qualify him as an actor, that I enjoy seeing.  His portrayal of real-life, paranormal investigator & pragmatic, non-clerical exorcist Ed Warren (known famously for his involvement in the Amityville Horror case) was excellent.  An actor that was able to emote enough empathy, along with his wife, Lorraine Warren, played by Farmiga, for the plight of a family under attack; one focuses on him immediately.  I enjoy his performances & have read he’s to star in a second installment of Insidious, to be released September 2013.

I like a realistic set, an old house filled with junk & walls in need of refurbishment.  All of which gives validity to an environment that would house something malign.  Even though things were a little rushed, at the expense of any shock value, it was thought-provoking enough to be a serious film; without the need to be frightening.  I found myself thinking what I’d do differently, had I been the director or had I been in a situation similar to the storyline.  That was sufficient entertainment.

Farmiga is someone that I am discovering to be a fascinating talent.  She’s currently known for playing Norma Bates in Bates Motel.  An actress, in the traditional mold.  Deliberative & slightly under-melodramatic.  It seemed to me that the cameraman purposely focused away from this woman, as she’s incredibly photogenic (as is Wilson).

Anyway, people that look frightened & are screaming usually gives me a chill.  Unless there are too many flaws.  So, I do recommend this film for viewing.  It’s a filler, place-holder until the next story – featuring the unnatural.  Yes, this story is based on an actual event.  It makes you wonder.

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